Receive money from any country instantly at zero fees, literally.

Bit Sika is so straight forward.


Add money to your balance via multiple payment methods.


Send money to anyone who has the app, no matter where they are.


Take money out of your Bit Sika balance via a variety of payment methods.


Zero seconds to deposit, send or withdraw money.


Zero fees to deposit, send or withdraw. (Yes, Zero).


Zero exchange rate changes. We use Google rates.


Bit Sika helps Africans instantly receive money from anyone on earth at no fees. The app is simple to use. Everyone signs-up to the app via Google account login and gets to set a short username starting with a dollar sign. e.g. $joseph, $atsu, $mary, etc. There are 3 main things that can be done on Bit Sika.


There's a Bit Sika balance representing how much money any user has stored on the app at any given point. Users can increase this balance amount by depositing money on the app via a variety of payment methods. Currently supported payment methods are Mobile Money (Ghana), Bank transfer (Nigeria), Credit/Debit cards (Worldwide), Bitcoin (Worldwide).

Any money deposited through any of these methods is added to the balance instantly with no fees charged. A cool fact is that all money deposited is stored as US dollar credits at the current market exchange rate. This US dollar value, if not spent, never changes in value. In the coming months, we aim to support more payment methods for deposits, like BNB, USDT, Mpesa, and Mobile Money services in East African countries.


Once you have those USD credits in your Bit Sika balance, you can send money to anyone who has the Bit Sika app, regardless of their location. All you need is their username. The process is instant, never restricted and you can send as little as $0.01 (Yay, micro-transactions). That's right, $atsu can send $yele $0.01 instantly regardless of where on earth any of these two people are.


Users can decide to withdraw/cash-out money from the app to their private bank accounts or other digital wallets. Currently supported withdrawal methods are Mobile Money (Ghana), Bank transfer (Nigeria) and Bitcoin (Worldwide). Withdrawals lead to a proportional reduction in a user's balance at current market exchange rate. More withdrawal options will come in the near future.

USD Wallet

USD credits in the Bit Sika balance are backed by an equivalent amount of USDC (issued by Coinbase). These stablecoin tokens are not attached to each user's account individually; in other words, our app is NOT decentralised. Moving money between countries happens with the help of crypto in the background, but our users are not even aware of this. They just enjoy the benefits.

These USD credits will be the easiest way for masses of Africans to access US dollars, ever. This will serve as a great store-of-value for Africans who want to hedge your assets against mediocre African currencies.

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