Africa's cash-app. Perform all your financial needs on one app

Want to put money on an app? Quickly send money between friends? Participate in a giveaway or take money publicly without revelling your personal details?

Issue Visa cards for online spending? Buy airtime? Buy and sell Bitcoin and BUSD? Bitsika got you covered.


Use one app for everything; not ten different apps

Bitsika is for you if you want to make everyday small transactions a breeze.


Deposit money in one currency, and withdraw anytime to that currency or other currencies. A multi-currency app right in your pocket.


Use your Bitsika $username to receive and send money instead of pasting your personal banking or mobile money info all over social media.


At the start of each new month, we allow you to make transaction up to the equivalent of $300 before paying a single dime in fees.


Bitsika as a wallet

You can deposit Cedis, Naira, Dollars, CFA into the Bitsika app and start spending and sending easily amongst friends. Every month, every user can spend up to the equivalent of $300 before having to pay any fees for that month. Every user also has a cashtag (username) and QR they can use to make internal transfers. Internal transfers are free and never fail. No need to provide your full Naira bank details or Mobile Money number to the public anymore. Just provide your Bitsika tag instead.

Social payments

Every Bitsika user gets a cash-tag or username like $atsu, $james, $alkesh. You can use this username or a QR to receive money from any other person who uses the app. All internal transactions are and will always be free. You don't have to expose your bank details or mobile money number in public anymore. Just use your cash-tag instead.


Create virtual cards

You can instantly generate a virtual VISA card with Bitsika and use it to pay for your favourite websites and apps like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and everywhere virtual VISA cards are accepted. You can withdraw money from these cards back into your Bitsika balance at will. Create and top-up VISA cards with Cedis, Naira, CFA, dollars bitcoin and BUSD. You can't use our card on Paypal, bettings sites, or any site that tries to extract and store the money from the card.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

You can instantly deposit Bitcoin onto the app and withdraw Naira, Cedis or BUSD. You can also deposit BUSD, Cedis or Naira and withdraw Bitcoin.


Buy and Sell BUSD

BUSD is a crypto form of USD. Even though African banks are restricting access to USD, you can still hold your dollars in a crypto form called BUSD. 1 BUSD = 1 Dollar. Deposit Naira, Cedis, Dollars or Bitcoin to withdraw BUSD. Or if you have BUSD, you can deposit it and withdraw local currencies.

Buy Airtime in Ghana and Nigeria.

Buy airtime to any phone number in Ghana and Nigeria. You can buy airtime from your Cedis, Naira, USD, or CFA balance on Bitsika. More services like DSTV, water and electricity bill payments coming soon for Ghana and Nigeria.


Customer Verification

We collect your personal information like BVN, and National ID's so that we can verify that you are the one approving your transactions. This helps keep you safe and helps us protect your money and identity. Once you submit your details for identity verification, you should get approved within an hour.


During and after registering on the app, you can tell us who referred you to the app and we will pay them $1. You can also introduce people to the app, ask them to enter you as the person who referred them. We will pay you $1 for every people you introduce who verifies their identity.


Customer Service

Any time you have a problem with a particular transaction, you can start chatting our support time right in the app. There is always a customer service person online and they will be swift to help via live chat to solve the problem.

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